RIO GRANDE, Puerto Rico — The security guard—a smaller, older gentleman, his posture drooped by time—proclaimed it the best parking lot in golf, which seemed odd. Yes, it was a beautiful

All referees in every major sport suck, but the refs in college and pro basketball are particularly putrid. Maybe it just feels that way because we are in the middle of

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New drivers today aren't just massive, one-size-fits-all war clubs that pummel everything in sight regardless of whether you’re a 75-year-old former librarian or a current NFL quarterback.

MEXICO CITY — Say what you want about Patrick Reed. He’s heard it all before, is used to it by now and has thrived in spite of every last word. Why

Cheating is terrible, but what pisses people off even more than cheating is when there are no consequences, or when the consequences don't match the crime. Following the Houston Astros scandal,

Viktor Hovland might not have won as soon as some of the other young guns he came to the tour with last summer, but his victory courtesy of a final-hole birdie